A perfect gift!

A perfect gift!

To me the best gifts are always the ones you get when you least expect them. It is so lovely to know that someone has been thinking about you and wants to give you something to make your day a little bit ( or a lot!) better without any specific reason. Just because they want to see you happy!

Well, I got this kind of gift last week from my mom. The gift was something that I really needed at this point, something that I had been hoping to get! Because of this gift I have been way more energetic mom and wife for the past week! But it hasn’t made me any more active in cleaning the house though, I still hate cleaning! :D

So what on earth did my mom give me? Well, she invited me and our baby-Kassu over to her place when my husband was at work and our toddler at daycare and said “I booked you a facial at 12 o’clock. I will take care of Kassu while you are there. And no need to hurry!” I was so delighted that I almost started to cry!

And there I was, enjoying my two hour (!!!) facial and relaxing! Just what I needed! When I returned to my mom’s house there were the happiest baby and grandmother waiting for me with fresh coffee and some yumminess!

I was so happy ( and not to mention relaxed :D ) So if you are looking for a lovely gift for a busy mom, could it be something like this?

<3: Pinja


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